SURVIVING QUARANTINE: Useful AdTech resources to read, study, watch and listen

SURVIVING QUARANTINE: Useful AdTech resources to read, study, watch and listen

COVID19 affects people all over the world, now we have to spend 100% of our free time at home. 

As much as we want to get back to the office and carry on with our normal project activities, it seems that many of us will be stuck at home for some downtime. You may be wondering what to do with all the extra time at home. Instead of getting lost in the sea of scary news and social media posts, take this opportunity to grow your current knowledge. It is without a doubt the most constructive way to cope with the current self-isolation.

Here is a list of some useful online resources you can explore to brush up on your skills or study something new during this downtime.


Everybody knows the AdTech industry is always rapidly changing. That's why it's important to keep exploring the trends and check the latest industry news. A great habit at all times not only during self-isolation, agree?


ExchangeWire provides global data and insight on Marketing Technology, Advertising Technology and Programmatic Advertising. Delving deep into the business of martech, ad tech and programmatic advertising, ExchangeWire offers actionable market intelligence on emerging models and technology – as well as industry data and specific regional focus.

The Drum

Every day The Drum share up-to-the-minute industry news from around the globe. And every month, they showcase marketing that is changing the world in the magazine. The Drum journalists inform and inspire readers, delivering first-class content across all mediums.


Digiday is a community for digital media, marketing and advertising professionals. They cover the industry with expertise and depth. The Digiday team produces high-quality publications and resources for our industry. 


eMarketer provides a macro-level understanding of digital trends related to advertising, marketing, media and commerce. eMarketer research helps marketers answer three essential questions: how consumers spend their time, how consumers spend their money, and what marketers are doing to reach them. 


MediaPost provides readers with daily news and commentaries along with in-depth industry insider blogs from the trade's most seasoned journalists and contributors. The media, marketing and advertising professional's resource for complete news coverage, engaging events, and comprehensive industry jobs, directories and research.


AdExchanger is devoted to digital advertising and marketing space. AdExchanger's publications enable the exchange of ideas between all members of the "ecosystem," including marketers, agencies, publishers, data providers, advertising and marketing technology companies, analysts, the investment community and the press.  

Ad Age

Ad Age is a daily must-read for an influential audience of decision-makers and disruptors across the marketing and media landscape. It is a global media brand focusing on curated creativity, data and analysis, people and culture, and innovation and forecasting.


Now it’s easier than ever to further your career skills with the millions of online courses. It will not only keep your mind engaged during quarantine days but also help you to achieve professional goals in the post-quarantine days. Just choose one and enjoy it.

HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy is a leader in free online training for marketing, sales, and customer service professionals. HubSpot specializes in comprehensive certifications, singular topic courses, and bite-sized lessons for professionals looking to grow their career and business.

MediaMath Academy

MediaMath Academy educates, engages and empowers the new generation of digital marketing professionals while creating a community for all things new in programmatic advertising. MediaMath Academy courses and certifications service both industry veterans and those new to programmatic. 


Coursera is an online learning platform that offers massive open online courses, specializations, and degrees. Coursera works with universities and other organizations to offer online courses, specializations, and degrees in a variety of subjects, such as data science, machine learning, business, computer science, digital marketing and others.

Online Marketing Institute

OMI set out to educate marketers on the known truths and best practices of digital marketing. OMI is known for both its breadth and depth of content and digital expertise in hosting hundreds of instructors covering every topic, at every level, for every business type.


The IAB provides multiple training courses for those who want to grow their knowledge in the field of digital marketing. The IAB offers professional certification programs for media sales, ad ops, data solutions and media buying. Available certifications through IAB include digital media sales, digital ad operations, digital data solutions, and digital media buying and planning.


How about podcasts? They are entertaining, illuminating, educational. We've collected some of the favorites that are perfect for those of us always eager to learn something new. Happy listening!

  • The Digiday Podcast

The Digiday Podcast is a weekly show where the big stories and issues that matter to brands, agencies and publishers as they transition to the digital age are discussed.

  • MediaVillage's Insider InSites podcast on Media, Marketing and Advertising

Podcast that offers deeper insights on the Media, Marketing and Advertising industry. Listen to interviews with leading CMOs, creatives, ad sales, ad tech and major media executives, all offering thought leadership and interesting takeaways.

  • The Big Story

In this new podcast, AdExchanger editors will drill into the week's most urgent headlines. The team will get listeners up to speed on the most pressing recent news in digital advertising, with key background details and analysis.

  • AdExchanger Talks

The advertising and marketing technology podcast from AdExchanger. Listen to interviews with industry leaders and explore the issues and trends that matter to brand marketers, ad agencies, publishers, media companies and technology providers.

  • Adtech Unfiltered

An advertising technology and digital media podcast with Noor Naseer for marketers looking to stay on top of trending topics impacting the digital marketing industry. Powered by Centro.

  • Mobile+Performance Advertising

Tune in to the Thalamus Mobile Performance Advertising Podcast, enjoy the interviews with Mobile Growth Marketers, Performance Advertising Experts, & User Acquisition Managers; they share their best kept secrets on how to scale mobile advertising campaigns, while keeping acquisition costs low.


If professional growth is something you aspire to, why not use your TV time productively by watching series and boosting your business knowledge? No matter how many books you read, there’s nothing like a visual guide.

  • Silicon Valley

“Do you really want to live in a world where someone *else* is making it a better place?”

This satire of Silicon Valley is a must-watch for every entrepreneur, who gets to chuckle at the real-life references to eccentric entrepreneurs, as well as outsiders looking for insights on life in the startup world. 

  • Billions

“The greats never sacrifice the important for the urgent. They handle the immediate problem and still make sure to secure the future.”

The story of a billionaire who has risen from the bottom and a stubborn and ruthless prosecutor who, for the sake of self-affirmation, will sell his entire family and children. Each of them has its own truth, but here you can comprehend the essence of capitalism. The world of power and big money.

  • Mad Men

“Make it simple, but significant.”

The original name is not only about madness, but also about Madison Avenue workers - the streets where top New York advertisers worked. Here you can find a lot of classic, useful and somewhat innovative examples of building customer relationships. Pay special attention to the lines of corporate conflicts and how they are resolved.

  • Mr. Selfridge

“Remember always that the recollection of quality remains long after the price is forgotten. Then your business will prosper by a natural process.”

A British drama series where you can find everything: ambition, confrontation, betrayal, staff skills, theories and practices of working in marketing and PR, falls, ups and even loss of business. A delightful series about sales, which will show how to attract clients, how to retain and how to attract them again. 

  • House of cards

“Brave is never giving up. You fight, no matter what.”

Politics is muddy, but that does not mean that its lessons must be ignored. Francis Underwood and his wife show us a pattern of predators walking over others' heads. This series shows us how not to give up, even if something goes wrong. You can always look at the situation from different angles and make the right decision. 

We hope this list will brighten up your quarantine time and become super useful for your professional growth. Wash your hands and stay healthy!