Building the future of AdTech

Pragmaspace is a product-driven company that focuses its efforts on building Adtech SaaS platforms for programmatic advertising. But before we made a shift to product company we “walked a mile in our customer’s shoes”. 

Pragmaspace began as a full-service software development company specialized in developing AdTech solutions. The extensive expertise in building complex custom platforms for programmatic advertising and deep understanding of all business aspects allowed us to create our own product. 
Accepting all challenges, we have never stopped improving to achieve the highest results. And finally, the industry met our first product - Unique and innovative UBIDEX Platform for In-house Programmatic.

Our Story

Looking forward to the future, but never forgetting our past

May 2018

When we were done with the idea, we moved towards realizing our business plan. With a small team of talented people, we moved into our first office and took over the first project.

December 2018

We have successfully delivered five large-scale projects in the first nine months. The team kept growing and gaining experience, and the number of projects increased at the same time. We have done hundreds of pre-interviews to understand all the details of AdTech industry: needs and goals, challenges and bottlenecks.

August 2019

A year later, we could brag about having built the entire Programmatic AdTech Stack. Our team has built all the digital advertising technologies interacting in the Programmatic ecosystem. At the same time, we're getting started on two of the most important projects in Pragmaspace's history. And as a product company, we take our initial steps by starting to build Ubidex.

January 2020

We were about to start the most significant journey. It was UBIDEX first closed beta testing mode. We closely collaborated with our beta users and were in touch almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We had months of rigorous work ahead, and the entire team was ready to make every effort.

September 2020

Something BIG was about to begin...Pragmaspace announced the official release of UBIDEX Programmatic Platform. Built by brand new technologies in collaboration with the most successful market influencers for ad agencies, advertisers and media buyers.

March 2021

By this time, we had delivered all projects as a custom development company and completely transformed into a Product company. Our team put all their efforts into the development and growth of the product. And we did an awesome job.

January 2022

We started the year with big goals. Ubidex is gaining traction and will blow up the market. Hard work in collaboration with our clients has always yielded positive results, and this year will be no exception. 

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Do you wish to have 100% control of your digital ad spend? Then, this is right for you. You are on the right track to move your Media Buying activity in-house with UBIDEX.


Our company is made up of a group of people who share common goals and beliefs. We understand that only people who are dedicated to their profession can deliver the highest-quality products and services. We are constantly striving to develop our products and services in order to provide better results for clients. And we really enjoy taking on difficult challenges that require creative solutions.

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