Programmatic Audio Ads: Rising Opportunities

Programmatic Audio Ads: Rising Opportunities

In 2022, programmatic audio advertising will be a key component of any multichannel advertising strategy. You may reach valued and highly engaged audiences with ads while they listen to their favorite online audio content using programmatic audio. It enables brands and marketers to provide highly personalized messages at scale using digital touchpoints along the buyer's journey.

What is Programmatic Audio Advertising?

Programmatic audio is an automated ad placement in online audio broadcasting content such as podcasts, music-streaming services, and digital radio. Programmatic audio uses complex algorithms to deliver a pre-programmed advertising message automatically. Programmatic audio covers desktop, mobile, smart devices, and in-app platforms.

Unlike traditional radio ads, programmatic audio allows brands and marketers to more precisely target specific places and audiences, resulting in more personalized and impactful audio campaigns.

Types of Audio Ads

As audio is a mostly distraction-free medium, it's easy for marketers to integrate programmatic audio with other digital advertising strategies. It's also simple for advertisers, as it works on the same programmatic concept. 

Here are several forms and how audio ads are used:

  • Recorded audio ads – are available in standard lengths of 15, 30, and 60 seconds and can be dynamically placed. Three main placements for recorded audio ads: pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll.
  • Companion display ads – are static banners that are displayed in the audio unit while the content is playing and are paired with the audio ad track.
  • Native ads – are most usually associated with podcasts. These ads can be permanently included in the program (not programmatic) and dynamically put in the three placements specified above.
  • Audio ad pods – are a collection of two or more ads that play one after the other within the same content.
  • Rewarded audio - are similar to video, where a 5 to 15-second long in-game audio ad track rewards the user with an in-game benefit upon completion.
  • Voice-activated ads - are interactive ads with specific calls-to-action that trigger a reaction from the listener simply by speaking, allowing the advertiser and the listener to create a closer connection.

Benefits of Audio Ads

Reach New Customers

It might be challenging for advertisers to maximize their marketing spending with all of the different digital platforms available today. A well-rounded media strategy should reach larger audiences quickly. That is exactly what programmatic audio delivers.

Increased Brand Awareness

When listeners don't have time to read long-form content or watch long video ads but still want to hear a relevant message about a brand, product, or service, programmatic audio ads are a great choice. With shorter forms of media gaining popularity, it's no wonder that brands are increasingly using programmatic audio ads to reach millions of listeners.

Enhanced Audience Engagement

Online users frequently listen to audio content while performing other activities. To reduce distractions, they wear headphones. Users will be totally engaged with the content as a result of this.  Many listeners build emotional connections to the music they enjoy. They can, for example, subscribe to and listen to the same podcast or internet radio station every day. This connection facilitates the development of a relationship between the brand and the listeners.

Niche Targeting

Programmatic audio uses the same audience targeting features as other campaigns (such as native, display, video, and so on), with the extra benefit of providing an ability to fine-tune your targeting even further. Audio data insights can help you determine certain genres, trends, and listener demographics so that you can match your ads to any mood or topic you need. You may also increase conversion rates by retargeting users who have already heard your ad by running audio ads with companion banners.

Low Costs

Because of standardized formats, programmatic audio ads may be created quickly and at a minimal cost. Because audio does not require graphics, it has the potential to be far less expensive. A way for businesses to reach out to new audiences without investing a lot of time or money, yet with potentially high results.

Audio content consumption is at an all-time high in today's world, and it shows no signs of slowing down. So leverage the power of this opportunity to reach out to people where they are, when they are, and directly through their ears, increasing the impact of your campaign.

If you want to dive deeper into the programmatic advertising universe - check out the free Programmatic advertising Guidebook.