PRAGMASPACE announces UBIDEX: Programmatic ecosystem as a service

PRAGMASPACE announces UBIDEX: Programmatic ecosystem as a service

In the past 15 months, we have been very busy at Pragmaspace. 

Our company has existed in the AdTech market for many years, we have created more than 50 custom platforms for our clients, we have accumulated a vast tech and business knowledge base. The more we cooperated with our clients building various platforms for them, the more often they asked us to create a full-fledged Programmatic SaaS platform. And we came to the conclusion that we are ready to create something unique, something that will become a blast in the digital advertising market.

Weeks of research, months of development, hundreds of hours of testing and bug fixes, dozens of reviews from industry influencers, 10 months of the soft launch...And here we are. Today Pragmaspace is excited to announce the public launch of its product UBIDEX. It is a first in the market Programmatic Ecosystem as a Service covering the full range of RTB activity.

UBIDEX full-featured programmatic advertising platform built especially for Ad Agencies, Ad Networks and Media buying teams. The new platform enables users to acquire and monetize the traffic, run and optimize campaigns, manage all programmatic activities using one single platform.

It's a technology mix of Ad Exchange, Supply Side Platform, and Demand Side Platform (In-house Bidder) united in a global system. With a dedicated safe environment, fair pricing, and tech flexibility according to market requirements our clients get the opportunity to develop and strengthen their business at full blast.

Our experienced team designed UBIDEX to help our clients build their own programmatic universe in one place. UBIDEX platform is one of a kind platform in the market because it is not only powered by brand new technologies. We are constantly evolving UBIDEX Programmatic Ecosystem in collaboration with the most successful market influencers. 

“We do understand that each participant in the programmatic advertising chain faces different challenges. Our team has thrown all efforts to identify how we can help our clients to overcome the most painful industry problems,” said Oleg, Founder & CEO, Pragmaspace. “Pragmaspace team has been working hard to create a platform that would help our users to achieve their goals and overcome challenges at the same time. That’s where we come in. Our platform allows demand-side and sell-side players to focus on what they do best and rest assured that they’re maximizing revenue in the most advanced, quality-tested environment.”

Cover the full range of RTB activity and start building your own programmatic universe right now. You can get a closer look at UBIDEX Programmatic ecosystem as a service at, or just contact us and let's schedule an intro call.