DSP in Programmatic Advertising: how to make a choice?

DSP in Programmatic Advertising: how to make a choice?

In order to understand why DSPs matter, it’s important to remember where the need came from and how the ad industry operated before automated buying. Traditionally, the media buying process was complicated, time-consuming, and often error-prone. DSPs allow advertisers and agencies to buy across a lot of sites at the same time – and all of this is done instantly and efficiently, usually during the webpage loads.

DSPs offer a host of other benefits as well, including audience targeting capabilities, a real-time view of campaign performance, optimizations toward a goal and flexible budget shifting.

There are many DSPs in the digital advertising world to choose from. It depends on a number of factors, like what type of data you need and how many Ad Exchanges the SSPs are plugged into because that can affect reach. Other things to consider include cost, inventory integrations, service and support, targeting options, usability, etc.

There are two ways to get the desired DSP: build it from scratch or use a white label solution. Let’s deal with all the pitfalls and find out how to make the right choice. Just keep reading.


If you’re thinking about building DSP from scratch you should note two main points: it will be expensive and time-consuming. On the other hand, you will be the owner of the platform, all the data, algorithms, IP (intellectual property).

Before making a decision you should think about some points.

  • The strong development team should be seen as the foundation for future success. Lack of experience can become a disruptive factor in the development phase. You can often hear about some problems people meet while working with outsourcing companies: miscommunication, unfinished work, as a result - waisted money. So make a deep research before choosing a company developer (ask sales for case studies, read reviews, talk to AdTech industry players).
  •  It takes a long time to get the product going. You will never be sure you get your solution in time. There can be a lot of various reasons that will cause release date postponement (non-professional development team, wrong time estimate or project architecture, ineffective management, etc.)
  • Besides, it's not a big secret to anyone that building your own solution means first of all huge investments. it is often almost impossible to calculate the final cost of product development. You must be ready to increase your budget at any time. Also, there are a lot of additional costs (educating specialists, maintaining and supporting the platform, fast server infrastructure, third-party fees (DMPs, IVP tools (fraud/viewability checkers).


White label solutions have become popular nowadays. It is the perfect choice for those advertisers and publishers who want to save money and time. To make it clear, a white label is a product created by one company but sold under another brand name. Putting your brand name on a product is advantageous in many ways.

Ad agencies and large advertisers are striving to increase their own competence, transparency and have more control over margins. All this becomes possible if you use white label DSP platforms.

Here are some important points of using white label DSP.

  • The main advantage of White Label DSP is cost-effectiveness. It allows you to significantly reduce the cost of hiring tech team, operating and maintaining, training and so on. Instead of building your own DSP you can choose a White Label solution, rebrand it, fully customize it and use as your own. Besides, you can use saved time and money for business expanding. 
  • If you haven’t got experience in building such solutions, you will most probably fail. Once you get White Label DSP, it is already tested in a real-time environment and ready to run so you will not have any problems with setting up. Also if you have any issue with your DSP, you may always contact your DSP vendor for tech support. But if you choose White label solution you will just pay for expertise and enjoy the quality. 
  • Moreover, you can find a big amount of companies in the market which provide White label DSP solutions. So you can choose the most suitable one for your business (unique features, targeting options, etc.)


Of course, the biggest challenge is making the final decision. We suggest to ask yourself 5 questions which certainly will help you to make the most beneficial choice for your business needs. Here they are:

  1. Are you ready to increase the overall budget or allocate additional funds when required?
  2. Are you ready to spend time waiting instead of spending it on business development?
  3. Are you ready to assume responsibility for all technical risks?
  4. Are you sure you have enough resources to support the platform?
  5. Are you ready to search for reliable third-party partners and build strong relationships with them?

Done? Let’s check the results. If you answered NO to 3 or more questions, then the most suitable solution for your business is White label DSP (and you’ve already known the reason why).

White Label DSP is the best choice for companies and businesses that want to minimize production costs, save upon research and development, enter the market as soon as possible.

If you want to know how you can take full advantage of using White label DSP, contact our team and let’s boost your business together.

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