Mobile DSP and Tracking Platform for Mobile Advertising Company

High-Performance Demand Side Platform for:- Audience Monetization- User Acquisition- Branding- Re-Marketing


The company has been in the market since 2016. During three years of functioning, the company had been using numerous third-party platforms and none of them could completely cover business needs. At a certain point, the company realized that a huge part of their budget had been wasted on fraud clicks and installs. Besides a significant part of the ad budget was consumed for middlemen.


Company's goals:
- gain total control over its business- run all the activities in one place in order to reduce operational costs- make the process more convenient and transparent- increase overall business income- attract direct advertisers

Company's challenges:
- lack of advanced automatic optimization algorithmsAs a result: wasted budget on fraud clicks and installs, limited revenue growth and operational cost overhead.
- opaque process of media buying As a result: a significant part of the ad budget was consumed by middlemen.


After thorough analytics, studying the company's goals and challenges Pragmaspace suggested our client building a self-serve CPI/CPA DSP. This platform included a smart optimization algorithm, dynamic targeting, and real-time reporting and optimization.
In addition, we implemented an ability to block publishers automatically based on post-install events, risk of suspicious installs, traffic outside of mobile apps and poor conversion rates.
Building a custom platform to combine all required features in order to run any business activities in one place and providing self-serve abilities to direct advertisers helped to achieve business goals and get rid of the challenges


After launching the CPI/CPA DSP And Tracking Platform the mobile advertising company disposed of the third-parties.
This helps to save a huge part of the ad budget inside the company. Moreover, the company got the ability to expand the business and increase passive income (by attracting self-serve advertisers to their own DSP platform and having user charges).
By having the in-house custom performance-based CPI/CPA DSP platform the company gained total control over all their business activities, get 100% transparency of ad operations, increased the CR level, reduced staff and operational costs.

    Transparency increased - 100%
    CR increased - 43%
    Business profit increased - 270%
    Passive income - more than 20% from monthly revenue
    CR increased - 43%
    Business profit increased - 270%